Cyber Security Tips for Law Firms

Law firms are being targeted more and more for cyber attacks.  As was evidenced by a recent attack on 50 prestigious law firms targeted by Russian hackers.  The targeted firms tended to be transactionally oriented; the apparent plan of the hackers was to obtain confidential, market-moving information and trade on it.

To help keep you firm safe, here are five tips to keep your firm safe.

1. Backup, backup, backup — early and often.

You need to have your data backed up in case you suffer some misfortune, such as a fire or flood in your office or a massive hack of your computer system. Backing up to the cloud is a increasingly popular option, but be careful when selecting a service. Some services are more vulnerable than others.

2. Use two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is an increasingly popular and effective way to protect the security of online accounts.  Yes, it can be a pain since it’s slower and more cumbersome than simply entering a single password. But the security it offers can be extremely beneficial.

3. Consider using a password manager.

Ideally, you should have a different password for everything you log into.  Most often, though, that’s simply not practical.  Password managers can help keep you passwords organized and secure.

4. Educate your colleagues about cybersecurity.

You might be savvy about cybersecurity, but all it takes is one weak link in your organization to throw your computer system into chaos. For example, a Florida firm was recently hacked after a secretary clicked on an email attachment that was labeled “résumé for your review” but was actually malware.

5. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Unfortunately, you can never be 100 percent secure. A good starting point: an assessment of your computer systems to figure out what your potential issues and biggest risk points are. This is what a number of law firms are now doing in the wake of the hacking reported, often with the help of outside consultants or technology firms.

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