Premises Medical Liability Insurance Coverage


Premises medical liability coverage protects law firms.

Premises Medical Liability Insurance Coverage

Should your law firm have a physical location, you may be at risk for customers sustaining injuries on your property. Premises liability insurance coverage is designed to address such injuries. Typically, customers who may bring lawsuits against you and your firm for injuries on your premises may accuse you of having unreasonably dangerous conditions on your property.

Scenarios that may result in such lawsuits include spilled liquids on floors, an unmarked step or curb, a crack or hole in a floor or sidewalk, or inadequate lighting. These conditions may cause customers to slip or trip and fall. Premises liability insurance provides financial protection for these types of scenarios.

Generally, premises liability insurance provides coverage for hospital and physician visits, surgeries, other medical bills, physical disfigurement, inability to work, and pain and suffering of an individual who sustained injuries on your business property. It does not cover damage to your equipment or building, which would fall under your business property insurance policy. You may want to talk with your agent to get a clear understanding of how premises liability insurance works so that you may determine how much you need for your law firm.

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