What is medical payments coverage?

Learn how medical payments coverage works.

What is medical payments coverage?

One of the questions we often hear is regarding the medical payments coverage on a law firm’s general liability policy. Many firms wonder what it covers and how it works.

The medical payments coverage referenced in your business’ commercial general liability policy can best be compared to the med-pay coverage found in your homeowner policy. This coverage provides payment for first aid, necessary medical and dental treatment, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, and funeral services to persons other than the insured. The intent is to compensate people injured on the insured’s premises or due to the insured’s operations, regardless of fault.

Most law firm general liability policies come with medical payments coverage of either $5,000 or $10,000.

Medical payments coverage is often referred to as no-fault coverage because the injured party doesn’t have to prove the insured’s negligence to receive payment. Medical payments coverage is a way for a firm to take care of the injured party without filing a liability claim.

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